Harvard Defeats Pennsylvania for the First Time Since '94.

The cricket game between Harvard and Pennsylvania at the Longwood grounds yesterday afternoon resulted in a victory for Harvard by the narrow margin of one run. The crease was soft, and at one time the game had to be called for a few minutes on account of the drizzling rain.

Pennsylvania won the toss and sent Harvard into the field. They started into bat very carefully. F. A. Green, especially, batted in excellent form, holding up his wickets for two hours and a half, until finally he was stumped by Scattergood.

The Harvard fielding was extremely loose, four chances being missed. In strong contrast to this was the later work of the Pennsylvania men, who were quick on their feet, besides being better placed to save runs.

When the game was called for luncheon Pennsylvania had only six wickets down for 78. They were finally retired with a total of 108 runs, owing chiefly to Scattergood's fine playing behind the wickets and to Du Pont's steady bowling.

Harvard lost the first four wickets for less than thirty runs, but Adams and Comfort then made a stand. Adams played a beautiful inning and the score crept up until Harvard had 105 for eight wickets, with Adams still at the bat. At this point Morice bowled Adams, who had, however, knocked out 62 runs. Hastings, Harvard's last man, then went in, when Du Pont, by two drives, made four runs, just passing Pennsylvania's total. The next ball took the bails off Hastings' wicket and ended the game. The score:


R. H. Carleton '98, b. Morice, 4

A. Drlnkwater 1900, run out, 4

D. H. Adams '97, b. Morice, 62

R. Haughton 1900, b. Morice, 1

J. H. Scattergood '97, c. Fleming, b. Morice, 0

W. W. Comfort 2 G., c. Davidson, b. Greene, 14

E. H. Wells '97, b. Morice, 1

F. W. Rawle 2 L., b. Morice, 0

W. C. Webster '97, c. Paul, b. Goodman, 7

E. Du Pont '97, not out, 4