FARMERS.- Game with No Names. Every man must be on Soldiers Field at 2 sharp.

'97 BASEBALL.- Short practice at 2 p. m.

'98 BASEBALL.- All candidates for the Junior baseball team be on Norton's Field at 3.00 sharp.

'99 BASEBALL.- All candidates meet on Soldiers Field at 3.30. All who can, come out.

WILSON ORNITHOLOGICAL CLUB.- Important meeting at 8 o'clock Saturday at 5 Waterhouse street. Full attendance requested.

NO NAMES.- Soldiers Field today at 2.15. Game with Farmers.

COLLEGE NINE.- The following men must be at Harvard Square at 1.30 to go to Clifton: Cozzens, Gregory, Slade, Foster, Vincent, McVey, Litchfield, Sears, Morse, Dayton, Galbraith, Haskell.

VERY important meeting of Lampoon board next Monday at 7.30 sharp.

SCRUB BASEBALL.- The scrub series must be finished by Saturday evening, and all postponed games must be played off before that time or they will not be counted.

CONTRIBUTIONS for the June Monthly must be sent to the secretary, 53 Ware Hall before May 20.

PHI BETA KAPPA.- All men who wish keys kindly send name as soon as possible to B. R. Robinson, 14 Little's Block. 68 3

GOLF CLUB.- Any member of the University wishing to join the Harvard Golf Club may do so by sending the annual dues of $5 to J. F. Curtis, Treasurer, 42 Claverly Hall.