Yale Wins the Golf Tournament.

The Harvard and Yale golf teams met yesterday in the final contest for the intercollegiate golf championship of the United States. Yale won by a score of 24 to Harvard's 4. The victory was decisive one for the Yale team as they outplayed their opponents in all the contests, except that between J. H. Choate, Jr., of Harvard and Colgate of Yale.

The links were in much better condition yesterday than on the two preceding days and the playing showed marked improvement.

Captain R. Terry, Jr., of Yale, made a new record for the links, covering the 18 holes in 84 strokes. His match with W. B. Cutting was by far the best played of the tournament.

The final results for the 18 holes were: Reid, Yale, beat Gannett, Harvard, 5 up; Terry, Yale, beat Cutting, Harvard , 3 up; Choate, Harvard, beat Colgate, Yale, 4 up; Betts, Yale, beat Curtis, Harvard, 8 up; W. B. Smith, Yale beat Stone, Harvard, 3 up; S. Smith, Yale, beat Burden, Harvard, 5 up. Yale beat Harvard by a totale score of 20 holes up. The full score was Yale 24; Harvard 4.