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Yesterday afternoon, in defeating Harvardford by the score of 132 to 117, the Harvard cricket eleven won the championship cup, for the second time since the founding of the Intercollegiate Cricket Association.

The features of the game were the heavy hitting of Carleton for Harvard, and Lester's bowling for Haverford. In the field, Haverford clearly outplayed their opponents. Though no chances were missed, the Harvard eleven, with the exception of Adams and Carleton, lacked snap in their team work and fielding.

Harvard won the toss and sent Haverford to bat. Through the steady batting of Lester and Wistar, with 19 and 10 runs respectively, the score rolled up to 43, when Lester put his foot in front of a ball bowled by Adams. With Lester out, things now looked bright for Harvard, but Tatnall with 25 and Hawson with 14 runs, made a long stand which Harvard was unable to break until, with the score at 101, Carleton bowled both men with two successive balls. The last four wickets brought the total up to 117, of which Haines made 18 in good form.

At the opening of Harvard's inning, Carleton made a long stand for 35 runs, which took off the edge of the Haverford bowling. Though the inning started out propitiously, the wickets fell fast, after Adams was bowled out until, at the fall of the 5th wicket, Harvard had 81 runs to make with half her side out. In this precarious situation, Scattergood started in to hit hard. He drove out 13 boundaries and with Carleton carried the score up to 67, when Carleton carried the score up to 67, when Carleton was put out by a beautiful one-handed catch of Lester.

From 67, Scattergood and Webster with the two following wickets took the total up to 115, when Webster was put out by another hard catch of Lester's. With but one wicket to make the necessary three runs, Gray won the game by driving the ball to the boundary. After the game was won, Haverford went to pieces for a short time and Scattergood added 14 runs to the score, carrying his bat for the well earned total of 60.

HARVARD.R. H. Carleton, c. Lester, b. Haines, 35

A. Drinkwater, l. b. w. Mifflin, 1

D. H. Adams, b. Lester, 9

H. C. Perkins, b. Lester, 0

W. W. Comfort, b. Lester, 0

R. Haughton, c. Haines, b. Wendell, 0

J. H. Scattergood, not out, 60

W. E. Webster, c. Lester, c. Hinchman, 4

T. M. Hastings c Scattergood b Hinchman 3

E. Du Pont, b. Haines, 2

H. G. Gray, c. Howson, b. Lester, 3

Extras, 15

Total, 132

HAVERFORD.A. B. Mifflin, c. Comfort, b. Adams, 3

T. Wistar, c. Carleton, b. Du Pont, 10

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