CRIMSON.- The following men be on Norton's Field this afternoon at 3 o'clock sharp for the game with the Lampoon: Fuller, Morgan, Payson, Burlingame, P. G. Carleton, Prescott, Gray, Scudder, Byrd, Gilder, Stone, R. H. Carleton, Marden, Carpenter, Carr.

LAMPOON BASEBALL NINE.- The following men be dressed to play baseball against the Crimson this afternoon at 3 o'clock on Norton's Field: Brice, Scaife, Pillsbury, Nichols, Wood, Walker, Curtis, Greenough, Holden, Macy, Maynard, Brooke, Johnston, Hastings.

COLLEGE NINE.- The following men must be at Harvard Square at 1.20 to go to Clifton: Gregory, Jenney, Morton, Brown, Foster, McVey, Vincent, Hayes, Sears, Dayton, Galbraith.

'98 BASEBALL.- The following men be at Harvard square in uniform, at 2.30 p. m., to go to Arlington: Davis, Bacon, Abbott, Manning, Pierpont, Kimball, Ingraham, Phillips, Flint, Bennet, Abrams, Allen and Pitman.

CRICKET PICTURE.- The picture of the cricket team will be taken at Pach's at 1.30 today sharp, Every one who played against U. of P. or Haverford must be present. Wear cricket clothes.

WELD CREW.- Intermediate row at 4 p. m.

SHOOTING CLUB.- Will the following men please call at Leavitt's and get their shingles: Howes, Sanford, Goodrich, Hubbard, Carleton, Flagg, Stover, Hartshorn, McBurney.

LACROSSE TEAM.- The following men be at the gymnasium dressed to play at 2.15 today: Ring, Woods, Wilder, Cooley, Dearborn, N. Breed, Ladd, G. Breed, Beecher, Moline, Brookings, Taylor, Ring, Sands. All men who have received the H. L. A. must be at Pach's studio today at 1.20 sharp.

HARVARD BAND will rehearse in Lawrence at 2 p. m. today. All men be present with music.

WELD BOAT CLUB.- After Monday, every man must show his membership ticket daily to the janitor on entering the boat house.

ENGLISH 6-TUESDAY SECTION.- All members of the Tuesday section of English 6 be behind Sever Hall on Tuesday, May 25, at 3.30 sharp, to have the picture taken. Please wear caps and gowns. 75 4t

'97 BASEBALL.- Practice at 2.30 sharp.