Intercollegiate Shoot.

The intercollegiate shoot for the trophy given by "Shooting and Fishing" was won by Yale yesterday afternoon at Wellington with a score of 116 out of a possible 150; Harvard was second with 113; Princeton third with 110; Columbia fourth with 106; and U. of P. last with 104. Top score was made by Brower of Princeton with 29 out of 30.

Princeton and Yale now stand tied for the cup. The tie will be shot off early next month, and the trophy will become the permanent property of the winner.

The individual scores of the Yale and Harvard teams follow:


Bulkley, 25 Harris, 25

Spears, 18 Kinnicut, 21

Schley, 21 Paine, 21

Brown, 28 Hardy, 23

Bement, 24 Dove, 23

116 113