Another Side of the Case.

To the Editors of the Crimson:

After all the bluster and outcry about the painting outrage, does the '98 investigating committee suppose we are going to be satisfied with a tame and secret dismissal of the culprits when they are caught?

Freshmen and Specials are frequently dropping out, so that mere expulsion is no punishment at all, especially if their rank is likely to necessitate their withdrawal at the end of the term.

Last year a man hid a book reserved in Gore Hall, and his name and offense were conspicuously posted for days; but when the Louisburg cross came back the thief was tenderly shielded from public notice. It is understood that the painters of Fogg Museum were detected and expelled, but no one can vouch for it.

These acts of vandalism are growing altogether too frequent to be thus carefully hushed up for anybody's sake. Let the fair name of Harvard be purged from the disgrace of these pranks of freshwater colleges, and the way to do it is to make it insufferably hot for all who drag us down. Publish their names and make the punishment commensurate with the offense.