Special Notice.

LOST.- A watch, Saturday evening, May 29. Monogram (letters H. F.) on back. Finder please return to A. Whiteside, 65 Mt. Auburn street.

WELD CREWS.- First and second junior row at 3.30; intermediate 10.30.

ENGINEERING 3A.- Experienced tutor. Special method.

F. A. OLSSON '92, 1414 Mass. Ave., Cambridge.TO LET.- In private dormitory, 43 Irving Street, off Kirkland. Single and double suites. Hot water heating, open fire place, private baths, hard wood floors, etc. Three minutes from Memorial. Terms reasonable. 84 3t

A SUMMER IN THE NORTH.- I shall take a small party to Baffin Land this summer for two months' hunting and sightseeing in and about Frobisher Bay. This country lies west of Davis Straits and north of Labrador and Hudson's Straits, inhabited only by eskimos and abounding in game. Walrus, bear and seal are found in Frobisher Bay, while the interior is the resort of reindeer.

The party will go north on Lieutenant Peary's ship, leaving Boston the first week in July and returning the last of September.

The fact that a ship is to stop at Baffin Land this summer makes it an exceptional opportunity for sportsmen to visit this heretofore inaccessible country. For expenses and further particulars, address

RUSSELL W. PORTER, 17 Russell Avenue, Watertown, Mass.85 4t

To Charter for the Races on the Hudson, to a select and responsible party, a fine seagoing steam yacht, 120x17. Ample accommodations. Now in Boston. Captain Wheele, P. O. Box 1650 Boston.

MALLORY S. S. LINES.- Special rates from New York to Georgia, Florida and Texas will be made to students travelling by this line who present a letter from the Dean certifying that they are attending the University. Tickets can be obtained and reservations made at 366 Washington street, Boston.

73 10ws ARTHUR SINCLAIR JR., Agent.CLUB HOUSE TO LET.- The house, 77 Mt. Auburn street, near Holyoke street, will be repaired to suit tenant. Apply to

M. P. WHITE, 53 Devonshire St., Boston.84 3t