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At the meeting of the Trophy Room Committee held yesterday afternoon plans for renovating the room were thoroughly discussed At present the Trophy Room does not begin to serve its purpose. With the exception of a few baseballs and flags and two shields the trophies won by the Harvard teams are kept anywhere but in the Trophy Room. Some are in the hands of the Bursar, some with the captains of the teams, or stored in other places. The collection of photographs is far from complete, and many of those now hung in the room do not belong there. Regulations governing the placing of trophies and photographs in the room were drawn up at the last meeting of the committee and have been approved by the Athletic Committee through Professor Hollis. Governed by these regulations an inventory of the contents of the Trophy Room has been made and many of the pictures will be taken out to give place to others which deserve a place there, The records of all the teams have been looked up and indexed and upon this basis an effort to make a complete collection of photographs will be made. Along two sides of the room glass cases are to be built into the wall to hold the challenge cups either permanently or temporarily in charge of Harvard teams, as well as other trophies won outright. This collection is to include the class and college trophies also.

The plans for the remodelling of the Soldiers Field building also came under the consideration of the committee. At present the building is not satisfactory and is entirely inadequate to accommodate the increased number of men who will train on Soldiers Field this spring. It is proposed to reserve one side of the building and a bath for the 'Varsity football and baseball teams as well as visiting teams. The other side is to go to the Mott Haven team, and the centre section will be given over to the class teams and men not regularly on the 'Varsity teams. Overhead the large centre portion, which is now useless, is to be enlarged by flooring over the well, and turned into a general exercise room for the various teams. It was also proposed to lay out hand ball courts in the vacant spaces at the rear of the building.

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