Brown, 6; Harvard, 0.

The Brown hockey team defeated Harvard yesterday afternoon on Franklin Field in an interesting but rather one sided match. Two halves of twenty minutes each were played, Brown scoring two goals in the first, and four in the second. Harvard came nearest scoring about the middle of the second half, when Beardsell made a very close try for goal. Goodridge played a hard, fast game at forward, while Russell's work in goal was particularly creditable. Brown's superiority lay in her team play, which was remarkably good. The feature of the game was Hunt's goal on a long drive from centre.

The Harvard team will play M. I. T. this afternoon on Franklin Field at 4 o'clock. The first of the Yale matches will be played next Saturday afternoon at New Haven.

The line-up yesterday was as follows:




Hunt '99, capt. Goodridge '98, capt.

Pevear '99. Beardsell 1900.

Cooke '99. Matteson 2M., Stevens '99.

Day 1901. Hardy 1901.


Bucklin 1900. Stevens '99, Hoxie 1901.


Steere 1901. Hoxie 1901, Clement 1900.


Barrows '98. Russell '99.

Timer-McNamara. Referee-F. Holt '99. Judges-Clement 1900, and Wheeler 1900. Score-Brown, 6 goals; Harvard, 0. Goals-Cooke 3, Hunt, Pevear, Day.