Whist Tournament.

1. The annual duplicate whist tournament, open to all members of the University, will begin on the first day of the mid-year period, Jan. 27.

2. For the convenience of those who are unable to play during the mid-year period, the first round will extend for one week after the mid-years, until Feb. 19.

3. All members of the University who play whist are urged to enter.

4. If any players have no partners, the committee will be glad to suggest partners for them if they will leave their names at 10 Hollis.

5. Individual cups will be given to the members of the first and second couples.


6. Entries may be made up to 9 o'clock, Wednesday evening, Jan. 26, at Leavitt and Peirce's.

7. Entrance fee is one dollar a couple.

E. D. FULLERTON, N. S. KELLY, A. R. CAMPBELL, Tournament Committee.