English C.

Topics for the Second Forensic.

1. Is the plan for an Athletic Association of Harvard Alumni advisable?

2. Should Secretary's Gage's recommendations in regard to the National Banks be made law?

3. Should college property be taxed?

4. Is the idea of Roman life given by Pliny's Letters more correct than that given by Juvenal's Satires?

4. Is the Greek form of the drama as shown in Athalie superior to the Shaksperean as shown in Macbeth?


6. Is the existence of a generally high rate of wages in a country an obstacle to exportation from it?

7. Does the general range of prices depend on the quantity of specie in circulation?

8. Must the imports of a country equal its exports?

9. Should the United States annex Hawaii?

10. Should graduates of all departments of Harvard University be allowed, five years after graduation, to vote for overseers?

11. Was the treatment of the Loyalists expedient? (Compare treatment of Loyalists and of Southerners after Revolution and Rebellion, and draw conclusions).

12. Should architecture be treated as a profession or as a fine art?

13. Are Mr. Ruskin's views on architecture as given in his Seven Lamps of Architecture practical?

14. Does the Greek Doric Order find its origin in Egypt?

15. Should a course in Physical Training be made obligatory for Freshmen?