Fact and Rumor.

The Yale basket ball team has been reinstated by the Amateur Athletic Union.

The Law School Debating Club has disbanded for the rest of the year.

Dartmouth has seventy-five men in training for the track team under Dr. E. H. Carleton.

$1134 has been raised by subscription to meet the increasing expenses of the Prospect Union.

Professor Taussig left for Indianapolis Sunday where he will attend the monetary conference.


At the dinner of the St. Louis Harvard Club on Feb. 29, Professor Taussig will respond to a toast.

R. J. Greener '70, one of the first colored men to enter Harvard, has been nominated for consul at Bombay.

The Christian Association will observe the Day of Prayer for Colleges by a half hour prayer meeting at 1.30 Thursday, January 27.

At a hearing before the railroad commissioners last Thursday, four plans were suggested to solve the Harvard square problem of how to afford protection for passengers. Action was deferred till Feb. 1.

The gymnastic championships of the Amateur Athletic Union will be held this year under the auspices of the Knicker-bocker Athletic Club, New York, on March 9, and the cross-country championships under the auspices of the same club, on Saturday, April 2.