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Athletic Council at Columbia.


President Low of Columbia has appointed an Athletic Council, composed of Professors J. H. Van Amringe and James F. Kemp and Dr. Watson S. Savage, the physical director, to supervise and regulate the conditions on which students may represent the university in athletics. Hitherto there has never been any kind of faculty supervision of athletics, largely because no need for it has been apparent. But of late there has been a growing tendency for athletes to enter the university as special students, taking a minimum of courses and devoting their main energies to athletics. Such men have of course always complied with the technical rules of eligibility framed by the various intercollegiate associations, but hereafter the purest amateurism will be enforced instead of mere technical compliance.

It is understood that President Low's action in appointing the committee was taken largely at the request of certain representative students. The undergraduate sentiment is heartily in favor of checking the objectionable custom, and will certainly support the council in whatever action it may take.

The definite function of the council is twofold: to see that no student shall represent the University in athletics unless he is a bona fide student, passing examinations in a reasonable amount of work; and to assist bona fide students who wish to enter athletics to arrange their work as advantageously as possible.

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