Fourth Consecutive Victory Won in New York Last Week.

The sixth annual intercollegiate chess tournament held at the Columbia Grammar School, New York, during the vacation, was easily won by Harvard, this being the fourth consecutive victory. Columbia finished second, Yale third, while Princeton was last. E. E. Southard 1 M., who won all six of his games for Harvard last year, was again undefeated. J. Hewins, Jr., '98, won four games and lost two, his individual score ranking third.

Columbia's representatives this year were G. O. Seward '98 and A. S. Meyer 1901; Yale's, W. M. Murdoch '98S., and L. A. Cook 1900; Princeton's, W. W. Young '99, and D. T. Dana 1901. Mr. Eugene Delmar and Mr. H. Helms acted as referees at the tournament, which was well attended.

On Monday, Dec. 27, the first round of games resulted as follows: Meyer (C) defeated Hewins (H), Cook (Y) defeated Dana (P), Southard (H) defeated Murdoch (Y). The game between Jacobus (C), who played owing to the absence of Seward, and Young (P), was drawn. Score-Columbia 1 1-2, Harvard 1, Yale 1, Princeton 1-2.

On the second day of the tournament, Meyer (C) drew with Cook (Y), Hewins (H) defeated Dana (P), Southard (H) defeated Seward (C), Young (P) defeated Murdoch (Y). Score-Harvard 3, Columbia 2, Yale 11-2, Princeton 1 1-2.

On Wednesday, Meyer (C) defeated Dana (P), Southard (H) defeated Young (P). The games between Cook (Y) and Hewins (H), and between Seward (C) and Murdoch (Y), were both drawn. Score-Harvard 4 1-2, Colubia 3 1-2, Yale 2 1-2, Princeton 1 1-2.


The following day, Southard (H) defeated Meyer (C), Hewins (H) defeated Seward (C), Young (P) defeated Cook (Y), Murdoch (Y) defeated Carter (P), who took Dana's place. Score-Harvard 6 1-2, Columbia 3 1-2, Yale 3 1-2, Princeton 2 1-2.

On Friday, Meyer (C) defeated Murdoch (Y), Hewins (H) drew with Young (P), Cook (Y) defeated Seward (C), Southard (H) defeated Dana (P). Score-Harvard 8, Columbia 4 1-2, Yale 4 1-2, Princeton 3.

On Saturday, January 1, the last day of the tournament, Meyer (C) defeated Young (P), Hewins (H) defeated Mudoch (Y), Southard (H) defeated Cook (Y), Seward (C) defeated Dana (P).

The final score in games was:

Won. Lost.

Harvard, 10 2

Columbia, 6 1-2 5 1-2

Yale, 4 1-2 7 1-2

Princeton, 3 9

The individual scores were: