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In Answer to Yesterday's.


To the Editors of the Crimson:

A communication signed "Junior" published in your columns this morning contains a suggestion which we believe is so unwarranted as to deserve a prompt refutation. It refers to the management of the class crews. Whatever be the financial condition of the crews, the mere hint at dishonest dealings on the part of the Class Managers is too serious a matter to go unanswered. If the writer has in mind any specific instance it is clearly his duty to bring it to the attention of the officers of the class interested; if he has not, he has needlessly insulted the Class Managers now in College, as well as the captains who appointed them. The 'Varsity management does not exercise supervision over the crews of the three upper classes because the Athletic Committee has not considered it advisable to place any but this Freshman crew under the management of the Graduate Treasurer. It is in the Freshman year that the class usually buys the shell and barge which "Junior" suggests should last through the college course. If, for any reason, the class finds it necessary to purchase a new boat, it has been the custom,- and we think, properly,- for the class to pay for it; and any proceeds from the sale of such a boat at the graduation of the class, or afterwards, go to benefit the treasury of the class. The idea of rental of boats to the class crews by the 'Varsity management is one which has been considered and judged impracticable.

NORMAN W. BINGHAM, JR., Graduate Manager. GEORGE VON UTaSSY, Manager 'Varsity Crew.31 January, 1898.

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