Consideration of Extension of the Suffrage Postponed till March 2d.

At a special meeting of the Board of Overseers held yesterday at 50 State street, Boston, it was voted to concur with the President and Fellows in appointing George Santayana, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Philosophy for five years from Sept. 1, 1898.

The meeting was mainly devoted to a consideration of the extension of the right to vote for Overseers. The committee appointed at the January meeting of the Board to procure from the Legislature a modification of the Article of 1865 in relation to the election of Overseers, was instructed to take no further steps in the matter until after March 2d, the date of the next Board meeting. The Legislative Committee has postponed until after that date the hearing on the petition of the Board.

A committee consisting of Messrs. Moses Williams '68, Robt. Grant '73, M. Storey '66, C. F. Adams, 2d, '88, and J. J. Storrow '85, was appointed to have printed and distributed among the alumni entitled to vote at the next election of Overseers, the reports to and votes of the Board upon the extension of the right to vote for Overseers, together with the votes of the various University bodies in relation thereto, and any other information or agreement which it may deem advisable.