Special Notice.

YES, I really think Griffith's at 7 Brattle street, Harvard square, is one of the best conducted barber shops I ever saw. I always feel satisfied when I get my hair cut there. They take so much pains in trimming it to have it look just so. Of course they make a specialty of haircutting. Get Griffith to hone your razor.

TYPEWRITING, Weaver 44 College House

TUTORING.- Italian 1, Fine Arts 3, English 8 and 28; in all courses in English, German, French (approved); and in Latin 10.

M. LEN. KING, A. B., 1 College House.99 tf


CHEMISTRY B, 1, 2, 4, 5, tutoring. Six years experience.

JOHN W. DOW, A. B., K. L. MARK, 503 Craigie Hall, evenings.Also appointments by mail. 77 27


TUTORING.- Chemistry B, 1, and 6. Geology 1 and 4. Appointments by letter.

F. L. MEREDITH, S. B., 10 Appian Way.95 12

ENGLISH A, 1, 2, 8, 11, and 28. Tutoring. English a specialty. Appointments by mail or at 8 Winthrop Hall, Brattle St., daily from 1.45 to 2.15 and 7.00 to 7.30.

J. H. LEWIS, A. M.5 3

STUDENTS.- Buy and Sell your College Text Books at the Harvard Book Store, 33 Brattle St. 1tf

L. PINKOS and Co., Tailors.- Grand opening in our new store, 1122 Mass. Ave., (opp. Remington St.). A great reduction in prices for the months of January and February. Call and examine. 75 tf

GEORGE T. MOFFATT is the only shorthand stenographer in Cambridge that makes a specialty of students' work. He pays special attention to typewriting Themes, Theses, Forensics and Briefs. Low rates for Dictation. Crimson office.

PACH BROS. can supply amateur albums of various sizes at very reasonable rates. A few thousand pencils are still left.

LOST.- Taken from under counter in Crimson office, a large alligator skin bag, about 18 or 20 inches long. Any information in regard to bag may be left with bookkeeper in Crimson office. 6 4

THOSE favoring the Lyceum Building in Harvard Square as a site for the new Cambridge Postal Station will find petitions at Thurston's, Walter Claflin's, Leavitt and Pierce's and Room 2, Lyceum Building. 6 2

PROF. H. E. MUNROE'S select dancing school, Eberle Hall, Union Square, Somerville. The last half of the present term commences next Friday evening. Tuition for the balance of term, 5 lessons and a grand ball, Gentlemen, $2.50; Ladies, $1.50. The school is patronized largely by Harvard students, over 40 attending this class. This ticket also admits the holder to Munroe Hall, 67 Warren street, Roxbury, on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Take any Cambridge and Roxbury car. Grand ball, Friday evening, Feb. 18. Tickets, 50c. Private lessons daily by appointment at 67 Warren St., Roxbury. Lady or gentleman teacher as desired. 4 3

BOXING.- Do you want to take boxing lessons? If so there is no better man than Wm. S. Gordon, who has been appointed instructor at the Gymnasium. Lessons at Gymnasium or at rooms. Wm. S. Gordon, 75 Boylston street, Boston. 27tf