CRIMSON.- Meeting of the board and half yearly election Monday evening, February 14th at 7.30. Graduate editors will be welcome.

FRESHMAN CREW.- The following Freshman crew candidates take the strength test this afternoon: 2 o'clock, Endicont; 2.10, Lawrence; 2.20, Brown; 2.30, Jirus; 2.40, Whitney; 2.50, Perry; 3, Higbee; 3.10, Stearns; 3.20, Pease; 3.30, Morse; 3.40, Harper; 3.50, MacKay; 4, Burton.

POLE VAULTING SQUAD.- Meet tonight at 7.30 in the Gymnasium.

'VARSITY BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 7 sharp; all must be present. Bring parts to "Bride Elect."

A meeting of the Division of Ornithology and Mammology of the Harvard Natural History Society will be held this evening in the rooms of R. W. Gray 1901, 506 Craigie Hall, at 8 o'clock. A paper will be read by T. H. Bergen 1901, entitled "Spring Birds of Cambridge, Mass."


ICE HOCKEY.- Beardsell, Hardy, Holt, Matteson, Stevens, Bowser, Runnell, Clement, Hoxie, be at Pach's Studio at 12 today, dressed for play.

WELD Freshman crew candidates meet in Sever 1 at 7 p. m. Monday.

SPRING CHESS TOURNAMENT.- All games in the first round of the tournament should be played on or before February 23. The results, signed by both players, are to be left at 1 Grays. The drawings for the first round were published in the Crimson on January 17.