FRESHMAN CREW.- 3.30 o'clock: Proctor, Palmer, McConnell, Dickerman, Brigham, Adams, W. Lawrence, Gerrish, Henderson, Pettingill, Swain, White, Harper, Ivans, Muse, Brown, Pease, Burton, Hibee, McFadden, Hoxie, Sachs, Stillings, Daly.

4.30 o'clock: J. Lawrence, Lyman, P. L. Whitney, Wheelwright, Locke, DuBois, Loud, McKay, Endicott, J. Lawrence, Perry, Peyton.

4 o'clock: Frost, Webster, Brewer, Williams, Shaw, Brainard, S. Whitney, Gilchrist, Cunningham, Hawkins, Talbot, Evans, Britton.

Any men who have not been dropped whose names are not contained in the above list report with 3.30 division.

ALL candidates for the Ninety-nine crew be dressed to row at 4.30.


'98 CREW.- All candidates for the '98 crew be at the rowing room dressed to row at 5 o'clock this afternoon.