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The Work Thus Far.- To Row on River Next Week, Weather Permitting.


The class crews have now been in training about two weeks and this period may be said to conclude the indoor work, as, if the weather continues favorable, all four crews will go to the river next week. The Sophomore crew has already been on the water two or three times. The men have gone out in pairs and singles and have had little coaching together. Their aim has been to pick up a little watermanship and ease in the boats before the crew rowing begins.

Thus far the work of the various squads has been light. The men in each class have been divided, in order to facilitate coaching, into two main squads, those who have rowed before rowing in the tank and the new men on the machines in the Gymnasium. After the rowing all the candidates go through dumb-bell and other light exercises and run about two miles on the board track. Of late these runs have increased in length. '98 went 11 miles on Saturday and the '99 squad ran about nine miles yesterday afternoon. None of the squads have as yet been reduced, but next week when the crews start regular rowing on the river the number will be cut down. At least twenty-four men, however, are likely to be taken from each class.

It is too early now to attempt to pick the make-up of the crews. Although the old men by virtue of their experience have a certain advantage, there are in every squad new men who show much promise and who if they continue to improve have an excellent chance of supplanting some of the more experienced men.

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