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A very important meeting of the Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletes was held in New York on Saturday with representatives present from nineteen of the leading universities and colleges.

The association passed a motion to the effect that the registration rule of the A. A. U. was a great drawback to amateur sport, and decided to support the Interscholastic Athletic Association in its fight with the Union on this subject.

In view of the fact that bicycling has gained such prominence of late it was unanimously voted to establish a cycling association which will hold championship races entirely separate from the regular meeting.

President Brown, of the University of California track team, will be required to prove his charge that in Eastern colleges the amateur status is but a pretence; otherwise he will be asked to withdraw his team from the I. C. A. A. A.

The by-laws were changed so that in the future a first place shall count six points; a second place, four points; a third place, two points; and a fourth, one point. In the make-up of the champoinship events a two-mile run was substituted for the one mile run.

The question of the international games between representatives of American and of English colleges was laid aside for the present in view of the refusal of the English colleges.

The following officers for the ensuing year were elected: President, I. N. Swift, Yale; treasurer, E. M. Bull, Cornell; secretary, B. S. Barringer, New York University; honorary vice-president, E. S. J. McPartland, Fordham, and J. D. Clarke, Lafayette; executive committee, I. N. Swift, B. H. Hayes, Harvard; J. D. Winsor, Pennsylvania; E. C. McVitty, Princeton; and J. T. Williams, Columbia.

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