Hockey Team Wins.

In the second game with Technology played on Crystal Lake, Newton Centre, yesterday afternoon, the ice hockey team won again by the score of 3 to 1. In spite of the softness of the ice, the team played a lively, snappy game, and showed improvement in general team play. Tech. was clearly outplayed during the first half, at the end of which the score stood 2 to 0. The second half was more even, both teams scoring one point. Tech. was somewhat handicapped by the loss of Hopkins, but did not play together well. Goodridge, Beardsell and Matteson scored the goals for Harvard, and Walworth for Tech.

The line-up was as follows:


Goodridge, f. f., Walworth.

Matteson, f. f., Kingman.


Hardy, f. f., Putnam.

Beardsell, f. f., Smith and Stevens.

Stevens, c. p. c. p., Cobb.

Bowser, p. p., Robinson.

Russell, g. g., Howe.

This afternoon the team will play Andover on Crystal Lake, weather permitting.

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