CRIMSON.- Meeting of the board and half yearly election Monday evening, February 14th at 7.30. Graduate editors will be welcome.

WATER POLO.- Taylor, Hennen, Beardsley and all candidates be at transfer station at 7.15 sharp to go to Brookline tank. This will be the last chance for new men.

ICE HOCKEY TEAM.- Play Andover at Crystal Lake unless notice to contrary is posted at Leavitt's before noon.

ST. PAUL'S SOCIETY.- There will be a very important meeting in 17 Grays at 7 o'clock on Wednesday, Feb. 9, to elect officers for the ensuing year.

'VARSITY GLEE CLUB.- Trial of candidates will be held in Lower Dane on Feb. 14 and 18, at 7 p. m. 5 0


THERE will be a trial of candidates for the 'Varsity Banjo Club on Friday, Feb. 18, at 7 p. m. at 68 Mt. Auburn St. Banjeaurines, banjos and guitars are needed, especially guitars.

IT is desired that all men dropped from the Freshman crew squad, and any other members of the University who wish to train, join the Mott Haven squads at once.