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With the rowing of this week the three upper class crews will have finished their work in the heavy barges and begun the actual preparation for the race in their light ships. The Senior crew made the change unexpectedly yesterday on account of the damage done to their barge, which ran aground Tuesday. Ninety-nine expect to get into their new shell by the end of the week, when Davy expects to have it ready. The two Freshman eights, although going fairly well in their barges, will not be ready to change into the more unsteady shells for another week or so.

During the first two weeks on the water all the crews have shaken well together: numerous trial changes have been made and the order in the various boats may now be regarded as about final. The '98 crew is rowing at present in the following order:

Stroke, Dobyns; 7, DuBois; 6, Perkins; 5, Goodrich; 4, Cabot; 3, Wadsworth; 2, Moulton; bow, Adams. Bancroft had been rowing 7 regularly until yesterday and is still likely to make a place in the boat. DuBois was moved from bow to 7; and Marvin and Riggs have been tried at 2 and 3 respectively. The crew as a whole rows long and evenly with a smooth recover. Their greatest fault is a tendency to hang at the full reach. Mr. Mumford coaches every day rowing in the boat, occupying the coxswain's seat or using the launch.

Only two changes have been made in the '99 boat since the crew first went to the river. J. F. Perkins who was unable to row last week, has gone in at 7, and Marvin who had been rowing there went to bow, supplanting Swift who is now rowing 3 on the second crew. This crew is at present the heaviest on the river, the men averaging 175 pounds. They have shown a good deal of hurry in their work thus far, rushing their recover badly. Nelson Perkins coached yesterday and as a result the crew made a marked improvement. The order now is as follows:

Stroke, Boardman; 7, Perkins; 6, Thomson; 5, Coleman; 4, Donald; 3, Whitbeck; 2, Blake; bow, Marvin.

The Sophomore crew seems to be finally settled in this order: Stroke, Higginson; 7, Biddle; 6, Byrd; 5, Heath; 4, Lee; 3, Glidden; 2, Harding; bow, Bedford. Mr. J. J. Storrow is coaching three times a week. The stern six in this crew are identical with those in the Freshman boat last year; Harding and Bedford rowed in the Freshman Weld crew last year.

The order in the two Freshman crews was changed materially yesterday. The men do not yet seem boated in the best possible manner, but many changes are likely to take place before the final order is settled upon. Mr. E. C. Storrow and R. M. Townsend '96 are coaching. The following is the order: First eight-Stroke, Loud; 7, Peyton; 6, Mckay; 5, Gilchrist; 4, Ivans; 3, Henderson; 2, Webster; bow, W. Lawrence. Second crew-Stroke, DuBois; 7, Perry; 6, Williams; 5, Lyman; 4, Wheelwright; 3, Frost; 2, Endicott; bow, Hawkins.

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