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Over one hundred and ten men have responded to the call for candidates for the different Weld crews. Those men who have had previous experience on the water have been placed in eight oared barges, while those who are entirely without experience have been coached in pairs and tours.

The fact that so many men have come out for the Weld crews shows the general growing appreciation for the club, the more so as one half of these are candidates from 1900 and 1901. The only drawback to having so many candidates is the inability of the club to supply a sufficient number of barges. As this greatly handicaps careful coaching, the squads will probably be cut down some time next week.

The present arrangement of the Weld schedule promises many opportunities for races. The Weld class races will be rowed on the same day as the regular class races and over the same course. It has also been decided to hold a club regatta shortly after the Easter recess in which there will be races for pairs, fours, singles and wherries. Later, Weld Senior and Junior crews will be formed to row two races with the B. A. A. eight, the first on May 20th and the second some day in the following week.

Below is a list of candidates now out for the five crews:

Law School-W. Byrd, J. A. Ballentine, H. P. Cross, E. James, W. R. Peabody, F. Morrill, W. Parker, P. Nichols (capt), A. G. Thacher, A. W. Corwin, J. Noble, W. Munro, F. C. Gratwick, L. B. Bacon, F. H. Kinnicutt, P. L. Stackpole, A. M. Kales.

'98-E. Millard, F. C. Wilson, H. McBurney, J. B. Swan, H. Wood, W. H. Gray, J. Flint, J. M. Thayer, F. Curtis, K. F. Gould, J. M. Boutwell, R. P. Utter.

'99-A. J. Symonds, R. N. Burnham, B. E. Schlesinger, H. F. Whitney, C. D. Huntington (capt.), C. S. Butler, H. Coonley, F. M. Alger, G. D. Dutton, G. Bancroft, F. W. Blatchford, L. H. Parsons, R. A. Leeson, N. C. Ward, F. J. Snite, W. B. Coffin, C. W. Harvey.

1900-C. H. Morrill, G. O. Clark (capt.), C. B. Curtis, G. Nichols, M. Fabyan, K. Sherburne, R. Livermore, R. Haughton, J. B. Hawes, P. P. Chase, R. Garland, S. A. Johnston, W. F. Ayer, A. Hasbrook, E. H. Graham, A. B. Chandler, H. Howard, W. L. Holt, G. A. Morison, W. W. Dixon, H. B. Stanton, A. B. Sturgis, W. L. Shaw, W. A. Hosley, W. M. Chadbourne, F. B. Talbot, R. C. Bolling, R. L. Bliss, E. Mallinckrodt, M. Churchill, H. Morrison, E. C. Wheeler, E. Skillings, M. Cabell, L. Stearn, W. L. Collins, R. L. Reed.

1901-B. D. Barker, S. L. Beals, G. Blake (capt.), G. G. Brainerd, H. R. Brigham, R. M. Brown, E. M. Brush, L. H. Britton, F. L. Bullard, R. O. Burton, A. E. Corbin, R. H. Dana, Jr., S. Cunningham, D. Daly, E. S. Emerson, H. Hart, E. P. Jones, Jr., J. S. Lawrence, F. W. Lovejoy, Jr., G. M. McConnell, E. P. Morse, H. Norton, H. W. Palmer, T. M. Pease, H. V. Poor, J. O. Proctor, H. L. Shattuck, R. S. Sherman, L. A. Stillings, R. D. Swain, C. J. Swan, D. P. Wheelwright, E. E. Thomas, M. T. Nichols.

The shower baths providing both hot and cold water are now ready for use.

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