Undergraduates Celebrate Second Consecutive Virtual Housing Day


Dean of Students Office Discusses Housing Day, Anti-Racism Goals


Renowned Cardiologist and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Bernard Lown Dies at 99


Native American Nonprofit Accuses Harvard of Violating Federal Graves Protection and Repatriation Act


U.S. Reps Assess Biden’s Progress on Immigration at HKS Event

Fact and Rumor.


The Lampoon and Advocate will both appear on Friday.

Two new stationary bicycles have been received at the gymnasium.

Pach has photographed the Princeton eleven singly and in a group.

Brown '89 has challenged Brown, '88 to a boat race to take place next May.

The Brown Glee Club is contemplating a Southern trip this vacation.

The Yale nine will open the season with the Athletics of Philadelphia on April 3.

The trustees of Chicago University will try to raise the debt at present lying on the college.

The financial harvest of the News seems at present to be chiefly reaped at Princeton. - Y. Record.

Exploded chestnut No. 3. "Harvard is considering a proposition to shorten the length of the course to three years."

At a meeting on Tuesday night, it was voted to form a University Gun Club at Yale. A committee of three was chosen to draw up a plan of action, and a second meeting will be held in a few days to decide on Harvard's challenge.

W. G. George, the English runner now visiting America, has a young brother but 17 years old who is meeting with great success in amateur races across the water.

The first freshman crew is now rowing as follows: Stroke, Storrow; 7, Davis; 6, Proctor; 5, Burr; 4, MacKay; 3, Hight; 2, Rantoul; 1, Lee; 1st sub., Goodwin; 2nd sub., Receine.

At Pardue University, Ind., a stock-barn is to be built in which choice heads of cattle will be kept, upon the fine points of which the students will be instructed. - Chicago Tribune.

No one who desires to purchase the college hymn book at the reduced rate, should fail to subscribe at the office of the treasurer. - Yale News. Quid? Marquis of Queensberry rules?

The numbers of the concert this evening are: 1. Beethoven, quartet in E minor, op. 59, No. 2. 2. J. Svendsen, Andante and Sherzo from quartet in A minor, op. 1. 3. Raff, quartet in D minor, op. 77.

The Evening Post of Dec. 15, has a long letter from Princeton on the proposed changes in the curriculum. The same number contains a comparison of the elective systems of Cornell, Harvard and Ann Arbor.

At a meeting of the first year class in the Law School on Wednesday, it was resolved to attend lectures in contracts promptly at five minutes after the hour in future.

A "Boylston Chemical Club" has just been organized here, with G. W. Rolfe as president, and H. E. L. Horton as secretary. The club meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month in Sever 1.

At the examination in N. H. 4 tomorrow, men will find their places as follows: H. S. Abbot to Gleason, inclusive, U. E. R.; Goodwin to McCall, Sever 35; McDonald to Wright, Sever 37.

The Pool tournament at Leavitt & Peirce's was finished Tuesday. In the first round, Preston beat Hoffman, 5-4; Shuman beat Smith, 5-2; Harrington beat Curtis, 5-1; McCleary beat Eliot, 5-0. In the second round, McCleary beat Preston, 5-1; Shuman beat Harrington, 5-4. The third and last round between McCleary and Shuman was won by Shuman, 5-3.

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