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The football season has begun in a hopeful way for the 'varsity eleven. As usual there is plenty of good material to choose from; hardly ever has it been otherwise in that respect. But in addition the coaches are taking every possible precaution not to make the one great mistake of last year in working the men too hard at first and thus rendering them liable to injuries. If this policy of making the physical condition of the team of equal importance with its football skill is only carried out through the whole season we may be spared this year the mournful spectacle of a Harvard eleven's being beaten by the greater endurance of a team which is no more than its equal in knowledge of the game.

Another gratifying circumstance in this connection is the doing away with summer practice and the putting off of all hard work until the beginning of the college year. This step makes football more of a sport and less of a business for the men and is especially desirable, since it is doubtful whether any real benefit was ever derived from summer practice. It also speaks well for the harmony of opinion which exists between the football management and the athletic committee and for the system of undergraduate representation in that body.

There is every reason to be satisfied with the present condition of affairs. May it continue to be as promising and finally bring us a winning team.

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