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Fact and Rumor.


Freshman recitations will be suspended for the mid-years to-day.

The snow again spoiled the skating on Fresh Pond.

'88 has a member who contributes to the Tuftonian.

It is reported that Shaw will be unable to catch Bickham at Princeton next year.

The Pennsylvanian claims that their nine last year was as good as any in the league.

There are a large number of men who watch the practice of the nine in the cage, every afternoon.

The winter athletic games of Yale occur in about a month. The list of events is already published.

The smallest junior optional division at Yale is one in the History of the English language.

M. D. Mitchell, '87 won the Advocate prize for the best story, and C. T. Sempers, '88 the prize for the best essay.

The Princeton College team has arranged games with the New Yorks on the polo grounds April 19 and 20.

The Yale News publishes the total actual saving of two-thirds of the members of the Co-operative Society there, placing it ot $2,341.35.

Shaw, Princeton's catcher, so injured his hands last season that he will not appear on the diamond this year.

The assignment of rooms for the examination in Freshman German has been changed. The new assignment will appear in the CRIMSON Wednesday morning.

The estate of John Langdon Sibley, Librarian Emeritus of Harvard College, has been appraised at little more than $156,000, - Ex.

There is in California a large tree named "Harvard." An admirer of Yale seeing this thought Yale should be represented, and a tree fifteen feet in diameter and two hundred and eighty feet high was named "Yale" at her request.

Arrangements are making by the Shakspere Club for a series of lectures in Sanders Theatre. Lawrence Barrett, Franklin Sargent, Henry Ward Beecher, and Henry A. Clapp, dramatic critic on the Boston Advertiser, have been invited to speak.

Exercises in the following courses will be suspended after 4 p.m. to-day. All courses designated by letters: French 1, 2, 9 and 10; German 1, 2, 3 and 9; History 1 and 2; Music 3; Mathematics 1; Chemistry 1; Natural History 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The article on the "United States" in the new edition of the 'Encyclopedia Brittanica' will be the work of Professors Dwight Whitney of Harvard, and Alexander Johnston of Princeton. Professor Whitney will treat of the geographical features of the country; Professor Johnston of its history.

At an enthusiastic meeting of the Columbia College students, Friday afternoon, a base-ball association was formed and officers chosen. Manager Mutrie and short-stop Ward of the New Yorks made speeches, and the former was elected coacher for the college team.

The next Harvard Union debate takes place in Sever 11, February 18, 1836. The question for debate is, - "Resolved, That the Coinage of the Bland silver dollar should be discontinued." The principal disputants are: Affirmative, M. C. Hobbs, L. S., E. B. Harvey, '88; negative, J. J. Shaughnessy, L. S., E. B. Chenoweth, '88.

FRESHMAN NINE. T. Woodbury will fill the position of captain pro. tem. during my absence.


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