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Progress During the Last Week.- Freshmen in a Shell.


The class crews have all made considerable progress during the past week. They have improved especially in steadiness and in time, all four crews, including the Freshman, now rowing well together. The '98 boat looks very well at times. All the men are drawing their stroke through well and they seem to have power, although half the crew let their slides go back before their shoulders have swung on. Bancroft, who has been steadily at 5, was taken ill Saturday and Moulton took his place, Wadsworth going to 3.

The order of this crew now is: Stroke, Bull; 7, Goodrich; 6, Perkins; 5, Moulton; 4, Cabot; 3, Wadsworth; 2, DuBois; bow, Adams.

The '99 crew has been somewhat handicapped of late. McDuffie, who has a strained side, is only able to row a short time each day. When he goes out, Marvin goes to 7 and Swift is put in at bow. Yesterday Captain Perkins was unable to row and Donald was put in at 5. The crew was out but a short time as Mr. Perkins devoted most of the afternoon to coaching the men in tubs. The changing about has set the crew back and they consequently do not show so much improvement as the other crews. They have, however, when doing their best work an excellent beat in the stroke, and most of the men show excellent watermanship, getting their oars in neatly and feathering cleanly together. The greatest faults of the crew at present are lack of snap, and shortness when rowing hard.

The order is: Stroke, Boardman; 7, McDuffie, Marvin; 6, Thomson; 5, Perkins; 4, Hodges; 3, Whitbeck; 2, Blake; bow, Marvin, Swift.

Under Mr. Storrow's coaching the Sophomore crew has made great improvement of late. The men are at present rowing with more dash and life than any other eight on the river. Higginson sets an excellent stroke and his crew back him up well. Their boat is still a bit unsteady and although the oars go in sharply it is with a smash rather than a clean hard nip. The crew was set back yesterday when it was discovered that Biddle would be unable to row on account of college work. Glidden, who was tried at 3 again on Monday, was shifted yesterday to 7 in Biddle's place and Saltonstall was put in at 3. Pierce is now rowing bow instead of Bedford. The resulting order is as follows:

Stroke, Higginson; 7, Glidden; 6, Byrd; 5, Heath; 4, Brown; 3, Saltonstall; 2, Harding; bow, Pierce.

The Freshmen went into their shell for the first time on Monday, using the old '99 shell. Their work was at first confined to paddling in fours, but yesterday they rowed all eight and were quite steady in their light ship. The Freshman crew have been coached especially to slow their alides and get a good hard catch. Nearly all of the men clip badly and meet their oars, but they do get a strong heave together and control their slides better than most of the crews on the river. Some changes were made in the order of the crew which is at present boated in this order:

Stroke, Locke; 7, Lawrence; 6, Peyton; 5, Perry; 4, Loud; 3, Frost; 2, Whitney; bow, Endicott.

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