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The candidates for the Mott Haven team have been training on Holmes Field for the last three weeks, and although it is still early in the season the prospects for a strong team are good.

Although no one has been found to take the place of E. Hollister who was the central figure of last year's team, there are an unusually large number of men trying for the quarter and half mile runs. Next to Hollister, Vincent and Denholm will be missed in the quarter mile and the two dashes. The loss of F. Shaw in the hammer throw will also be felt.

There are, however, several prominent additions to the team this year, first of whom may be mentioned A. W. Robinson 1901. He is a candidate for the 100 yards dash, which event he won in the National Interscholastic Games last year, defeating Duffy and Kane of the English High School.

S. G. Ellis and E. W. Mills, also Freshmen, are both good men. Ellis has been trying for several events and has made fine performances in each, but he will probably be kept for the weight events, in which the team has been very weak for a number of years. Mills holds the interscholastic record for the mile run. Last year he strained a tendon in his leg and owing to this he has been unable to do any apeed work as yet, but it is hoped that he will be able to take part in the games this spring.

The training this year has been lighter than heretofore; the men have had one or two lay-offs and have been allowed to enter but few indoor meets. On this account there has been little opportunity to judge of the merit of all the new men.

In the five sprints the members of last year's team who are out this year are: F. H. Bigelow '98, L. W. Redpath '98, J. T. Roche, Jr., '99, H. E. Shore '99, and J. S. Dunstan 1900. Roche, who strained a tendon in his leg in the dual games with the U. of P., is probably the fastest 100 yards man who has ever been in college. He has done no speed work since last year but hopes to be in good shape again this spring. Redpath should run well this year, but the care of the team will probably hurt Bigelow's usefulness. Shore, who ran in the 220 last year, is now trying the low hurdles and may keep to this event. Of the other men trying for the sprints the most promising in the 100 yards dash are: A. W. Robinson 1901, A. A. Boyden '98, E. J. Green 1 L., D. G. Harris 1900, G. J. Holliday 1L., and L. S. Antisdell 1900. All of these men with the exception of Robinson and Boyden are also trying for the 220 yards dash.

H. H. Fish '99 is the only member of last year's team who is left in the 440 yards run. Fish won third place in this event in the dual games with U. of P., and has run on three 'Varsity relay teams. He has improved much since he has been in college, so that the event is left fairly strong. C. H. Williams '98, who has run on several relay teams, may also be trained for this event instead of the 880 yards run. S. H. Bush 1901, who ran on both of his class relay teams this year, is running very well in practice and may prove to be very fast for that distance. M. L. Butler '98 who was on the team two years ago may also run, although he has just recovered from a long illness.

The leading candidates for the half-mile are all very evenly matched and will make a keen struggle for the places. Of last year's team C. H. Williams '98 and C. D. Draper 1900 are now training, but as yet have not shown up very well. A. B. Ruhl '99 and F. R. Plumb, Jr., '99 stand next in order. They won first and second places respectively in the dual games with M. I. T. last year. Among the other candidates are E. D. Fullerton '98, S. Bush 1901, E. B. Neilson M. S., J. R. Crocker '98, J. C. Ledyard 1900, C. C. Mann '99, and J. C. McCall '99.

D. Grant M. S., is the old stand by in the mile run, but the addition of E. W. Mills makes that event stronger than last year. Grant and Starbuck are still in, and O. W. Richardson '99, S. F. Rockwell 1900, and H. B. Clark 1901, are doing well in practice.

The two hurdles are the stronghold of the team this year. W. F. Garcelon L. S. '95, has had charge of the candidates for these events and thus far has greatly improved their form. In the high hurdles, F. B. Fox 2L and J. W. Hallowell 1901, are the fastest. Fox ran second in the intercollegiate games last year, while Hallowell is the interscholastic champion. In addition to these men, G. A. Cole '99, R. R. Rumery '99, C. H. Whitney 1901, C. S. Tilden '98, M. S. Savage '99, and R. McKittrick '99, are all improving rapidly. There is an equally strong lot of men in the low hurdles. Of these W. G. Morse '99, and L. Warren 1900, are the best and they should prove very fast this year.

The mile walkers are merely doing staying up work at present, as this event is not to be held in the Yale games. The men who are trying are S. L. Munson 1900 and A. E. Wright '99 of last year's team, and E. T. Gundlach '98 and G. O. Thatcher 1901.

The bicycle race is one of the most discouraging events on the list. The men seem to take no interest in the training, as not more than three have taken part in the road riding this spring.

The high jump will be stronger this year than last. W. G. Morse '99 is still able to clear over six feet, while A. N. Rice 1900 and F. H. F. Holt '99, both point winners last year, are improving. Of the others, S. G. Ellis 1901, C. M. Rotch 1901, the interscholastic champion, are the most prominent.

As the weather has been cold the broad jumpers have not done much work. The leading candidates for this event are J. G. Clark '98, E. D. Gould 1900, C. S. Tilden '98, C. S. Edgell '99 and J. T. Harrington '99.

There are no particularly good new men in the pole vault this year. W. W. Hoyt M. S., is vaulting again, and A. B. Emmons '98 and E. D. Brooks '99 are the only promising material.

The weight events are very uncertain at present, but the men are showing steady improvement. S. F. Mills '99

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