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Pudding Play Cast.


The cast and chorus of the Pudding play as finally made up are:

General Bluffe (guards the treasure; a hero in disguise), A. F. Riggs '98.

Factotum (his left-hand man), N. Perkins '98.

Phil Spayce (a reporter; also does a little in the bull-fighting line), H. M. Woodruff '98.

Lord Howe Poore (correspondent for London Hard Times), J. F. Brice '99.

Holda Penn (reporter for the Ladies' Home Journal), C. H. L. Johnston '99.

Mr. Beacon (a Boston banker), H. G. Brooks '98.

Mrs. Beacon (a Boston bankeress), J. E. N. Shaw '98.

Penelope Beacon (a blue-blooded Back Bay belle), R. deK. Gilder '99.

Montgomery Beacon (little, but-O T. E. Catlin '99.

Dorothea Beacon (little, but-O my), D. K. Catlin '99.

Susette (their French nurse-chic, but no chicken), M. S. Greenough '98.

Enri 'Awkins (valet), L. L. Gillespie '98.

Bella Donna (gushing, giggling matinee girl), T. M. Hastings '98.

Prima Donna (gushing, giggling matinee girl), F. Jordan '98.

Priscilla Prymme (gushing, giggling matinee girl), L. E. Ware '99.

Mother Machette, S. L. Fuller '98.

Anne Arkystyck (daughter of piracy, ravenous for blood, wine and tin), J. W. Prentis '98.

Alma Dillow (daughter of piracy, ravenous for blood, wine and tin), P. Dove '98.

Anna Konder (daughter of piracy, ravenous for blood, wine and tin), H. S. Dennison '99.

Jack Minnow (a flower vender), G. H. Scull '98.

Holly Hocke (a flower girl), J. L. Valentine '98.

Hanny Bawle (announcer-a little of him goes a great way), H. D. Prescott '98.

Isaac Awker (ticket seller, also peddles sarsaparilla-more "sarse" than parilla), P. Jewell '99.

J. Fitz-Corbett (an amachoor referee) A. H. Rice '98.

Mac Aroni (a typical grind) H.Williams, Jr., '99.

Jocko (a missing link, missed from the Zoo), P. Dove '98.

Percival (a missing link, missed from the Zoo), R. T. Fisher '98.

Ling Gring Lung (approves of yellow journalism), H. D. Prescott '98.

Marshall Knight (sentry-sure to turn up on his beat), J. W. Edmunds '98.

Ada Snayle (district messenger), R. S. Huidekoper '98.

Neverafraidio (toreador-prefers making bulls to fighting them), C. E. Morgan '98.

Forsto Work (policeman), J. M. Thayer '98.

The chorus:

Spanish men-E.S. Thurston, A. W. Davis, A. B. Emmons, Samuel Robinson, H. I. Bowditch, W. M. Scudder, G. H. Scull, C. E. Morgan.

Spanish women-J. R. Proctor, G. H K. Kinnicutt, E. L. Sanborn, R. H. Carleton, L. H. Hosmer, H. M. Adams, J. L. Valentine, P. Palmer, Jr.

Guards-M. D. Whitman, L. S. Butler, R. M. Johnson, J. W. Edmunds, H. D. Whitfield, A. F. Barnes, P. Jewell, P. Ingraham.

Toreadors-H. M. Woodruff, E. S. Thurston, A. W. Davis, A. B. Emmons, S. Robinson, H. I. Bowditch, W. M. Scudder, C. E. Morgan.

Sailors-W. K. Otis, H. Williams, J. M. Thayer, R. S. Warner, L. P. Marvin, J. C. Rice.

Serpentine dancers-J. C. Rice, H. M. Adams, J. R. Proctor, W. K. Otis.

Colored quartette-H. M. Adams, J. L. Valentine, G. H. Scull, H. Dennison.

The first regular performance will be on April 29, graduates night. The public performances of the play will be on May 2, 3 and 4 at the Hasty Pudding Club Theatre, and on May 6 and 7 at the Bijou Theatre in Boston. A few good tickets for the Boston performances are still left at Thurston's. Tickets for the Cambridge performances are on sale at Thurston's and may be obtained from W. H. Wheelock, manager, 2 Ware Hall.

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