Two Senior, an Intermediate and a Junior Crew Formed.

At a meeting yesterday of the men who rowed in the Weld class race on April 15, when the crews swamped, it was decided not to row the race over.

The Weld Senior, Intermediate and Junior crews were picked, with a provisional order, and will begin training today. Hodges and Robinson who would have been on one of the Senior crews, and Burnham who would have rowed with the Intermediate eight have been called away for service in the militia. Pierce, Stoddard, Brittin and Bancroft have already enlisted and may be obliged to leave at any moment. There will be two Senior crews for a time, as the coaches were unable to make a selection of one only with justice to the men. The Weld Freshman crew will constitute the Junior crew.

The four crews as they will begin rowing today will be made up in the following order:

Senior, First-Stroke, Harding, 1900; 7, Palmer. 1900; 6, Bancroft '98; 5, Stoddard '99; 4, Butler '99; 3, Pierce 1900; 2, Brown 1900; bow, Bedford 1900; cox., Orton.

Senior, Second-Stroke, Coonley '99; 7, Du Bois '98; 6, Tilton 1900; 5, F. M. Morrill L. S.; 4, Lee 1900; 3, Wood '98; 2, Garrett '99; bow, Sheafe '98; cox., Clarke '99.


Intermediate-Stroke, Morrill 1900; 7, Dinsmore '99; 6, Schlesinger '99; 5, Leeson '99; 4, Hawes 1900; 3, Clark 1900; 2, Ayer 1900; bow, Martin 1900; cox., Wadleigh 1900.

Junior-Stroke, Swaim; 7, Brittin; 6, Brigham; 5, Brainerd; 4, McConnell; 3, Du Bois; 2, Blake; bow, J. S. Lawrence; cox., Goodwin.