To appear in this column, notices must be left at the office before 9 p. m.

'99 Company.- All men who have signed the blue-books, and all other men desiring to join the '99 company, meet back of the Gymnasium today at 4.30.

HOT TOMALES.- Practice on Norton's at 3.

ADVOCATE.- During the absence of F. M. Alger, Mss. for the Advocate should be sent to J. A. Macy, 415 Putnam avenue, or left at 11 Hollis.

CONTRIBUTIONS for the May monthly must be sent to the editor-in-chief, 53 Ware Hall, by Thursday morning next.

PHI BETA KAPPA.- All men wishing keys should send in names and money as soon as possible. Keys will be ordered May 1.


UNIVERSITY DEBATING CLUB.- Members wishing to attend dinner after Princeton debate send names as soon as possible to B. R. Robinson, 14 Little's Block. Price $2.50 per plate.