College vs. Freshman Nine.

The College nine defeated the Freshmen Saturday afternoon on Soldiers Field in a short practice game of four and a half innings, by the score of 6 to 5. Six hits were made by the College team off McDonald, who was not quite up to his usual form. Of these, Maguire, Sears, Farrington, Galbraith and Dill secured singles, and Litchfield a double.

The fielding of the College nine was very creditable, only two errors being made. Lewis covered first base in good shape, and Lane made a fine catch of Milne's fly near the close of the game. With the exception of wild throws by Robinson and Milne, the worn of the Freshmen in the field was quick and fairly accurate. Jaynes, in center field, had three put-outs to his credit, one of which was a difficult chance.

The weakness of the Freshman team was most apparent in their batting, for only one hit was secured throughout the game. Foster struck out five men in the first two innings and did not allow a single hit. Four of their five runs the Freshmen scored off Dill in the last inning when Putnam made a three-base hit. Robinson, who reached first all three times at bat, twice on balls and once on an error, scored two of the Freshmen's runs; he also showed considerable skill in stealing bases.

The batting orders of the two teams follow:

College-Maguire, 2b.; Sears, l. f.; Farrington, r. f.; Lewis, 1b.; Lane, c. f.; Galbraith, s. s.; Nowell, Litchfield, 3b.; Bertholf, c.; Foster, Blake, Dill, p.


Freshman-Robinson, 3b.; Quincy, l. f.; Putnam, 2b.; Milne, c.; Kendall, 1b.; Jaynes, c. f.; Cropley, s. s.; Hall, r. f.; McDonald, p.