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Letter from Class Day Committee.


To the Class of '98:

The question of the Tree has again arisen. This year it is of more than ordinary interest to Seniors since it involves not only a change in the exercises themselves, but, also, on account of the opposition of the Corporation to the old site, the removal to a new place.

In entering upon its work of arranging for Class Day, the committee took into consideration the arrangements of preceeding years. It will be recalled that ninety-seven was obliged by the Corporation to make three changes in their arrangements for the Tree exercises. First, to lower the flowers about the Tree; second, to wear ordinary street clothes instead of football suits; and, third, to reduce the seating capacity about the Tree from four thousand to three thousand seats. As a result of the first two changes the scrap was almost entirely done away with, since the wreath was so low, and the costumes so unsuitable for roughness, that the men in the first rows about the Tree had little difficulty in getting all the flowers.

In view of the dullness entailed by these forced changes, and in order again to restore to the exercises the lively interest occasioned by a real scrap, the committee applied to the Corporation to allow the flowers to be raised again and the Seniors to wear sweaters. The request was refused and the committee was told that the exercises, if continued at the old place, would have to be held under exactly the same conditions as last year. The committee was also told by members of the Corporation that, on account of the rapidly increasing size of the classes, and the already overcrowded and dangerous conditions under which the exercises are held, the Corporation would be compelled to force either Ninety-Nine or Nineteen Hundred to remove to another place. Its reason for holding off as long as it has was the hope that some class would see the necessity of the change without being forced into it. For these reasons then, namely, that under the present conditions imposed by the Corporation it is impossible to make the exercises interesting and, also, that in the near future one of the classes will be compelled to move, the committee believes it best for Ninety-Eight to find another place for holding the afternoon exercises.

Tomorrow the committee will propose a new place, and what seems to it would be an attractive form for the exercises. It requests that Seniors will give the matter their earnest consideration and be ready to make suggestions at a class meeting to be held the latter part of the week.


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