To appear in this column, notices must be left at the office before 9 p. m.

TRACK TEAM.- All men trying for the team must enter for the 'Varsity games, April 15, in the blue book in the office at the Gym.

All men entering for the games must take examination this week. Beginning tomorrow Dr. Sargent will examine all who apply every afternoon, 2 to 4, and men are urged to be examined early.

All jumpers be out at 3.30 sharp today.

COLLEGE NINE.- The strength test must be taken today as follows: Galbraith 2, Ewer 2.06, Litchfield 2.12, Lewis 2.18, Farrington 2.24, Lane 2.30, Foster 2.36, Sears 2.42, Maguire 2.48, Stearns Stearns 2.54, Blake 3, Dill 3.06.

The following men get measured today at Brine's for suits: Galbraith, Litchfield, Lewis, Lane, Sears, Maguire, Stearns.


FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal at 7.15.

'VARSITY BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 7 o'clock sharp. All must be present.

FRESHMAN BANJO CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 8 o'clock sharp, 4 Apley court. New piece must be learned.

PIERIAN SODALITY.- Rehearsal on Monday, at 7 p. m. All must attend. French play music must be learned. Mr. C. M. Loeffler will be present. Return all parts.

SHOOTING CLUB.- Match for the founder's cup this afternoon from 3 to 5.

'VARSITY GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal tonight at 6.45.