Official Notice.

MAKE-UP Hour examination in English C, Monday, April 4, at 4.30 o'clock, Lower Massachusetts.

ENGLISH 31.- The class will read in April one of Macaulay's essays: each man may choose the essay which he will read; he is to state the name of it in his daily theme for Monday.

J. H. GARDINER.HISTORY I, Hour Examination, Monday April 4, 9 a. m.:

Adams-Dyer, Lower Mass.

Eastman-Hurlburt, Sever 35.


Ives-Mandell, Harvard 5.

Mangan-Prouty, Lower Dane.

Putnam-Straw, Upper Dane.

Sturtevant-Webster, Sever 30.

Wellington-Young, Sever 32.