Make-up Mid-Year Examinations

Make-up examinations for students who have satisfied the Recorder that their absence from the "regular mid-year examinations was caused by serious illness or other unavoidable hindrance" will be held as follows in the courses named below. The examinations will begin at 9.15 a. m., and, by the regulations must not extend beyond three hours.

June 2.Semitic 12. History 5.

Semitic 15. History 10.

Latin 1. History 11.

Latin 2. Economics 6.


English 1. Economics 7.

English 8. Philosophy 3.

English 14. Philosophy 5.

English 28. Philosophy 16.

German C. Philosophy 18.

German F. Architecture 1a.

German 1c. Mathematics A.

German 2. Engineering 1f.

German 2a. Engineering 18a.

German 4. Physics 4.