Official Notice.

DRILL SQUADS.- Meetings will be held in the Gymnasium at 7.30 every evening except Saturday for instruction of squad leaders and others who are willing to assist in drilling. All candidates for company officers will be expected to be present at three meetings a week at least. The instruction will cover manual of arms, bayonet exercise, school of the soldier, school of the company, extended order drill, and school of the batallion.

W. S. BURKE.THERE will be extra drill hours begining May 12, at 10, 11 and 12 for recruits in marching and manual. This is for men not yet prepared to enter the companies.

I have at the office a few caps and gowns which may be lent to Seniors.

L. B. R. BRIGGS.68 2

HISTORY 13.- Conferences will be held in Lower Massachusetts daily, 9.30 to 10.

H. B. LEARNED.77 6

MR. HURLBUT desires to secure candidates for a position to take charge of a gymnasium in a school for boys. Candidate should be "all-round" athlete; those prepared to teach history preferred. Apply at 5 University Hall. Hours, daily, 9-10; Mon., T., Fri., and Sat., 9-12.