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The seventh annual dual track meet between Harvard and Yale will be held on Holmes Field this afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. The two teams are very evenly matched this year and as the track is in excellent condition some very good performances should result.

Since the formation of the dual league each university has won three of the six meets, but the total points are slightly in favor of Yale. The mile walk has been dropped from the list of events this year. Points are scored as follows: A first place, five points; a second place, two; a third, one. Giving a total of 104.

The two mile bicycle race will take place on the Charles River Track at 11.30 this morning. No admission will be charged.

The College band which has been practicing for the past two weeks will play at intervals during the afternoon.

There is no time schedule this year but the events, both track and field, will be started promptly at 2.30.

The events will be run off in the following order. The drawings for heats and positions are also given.

In the 440 yards dash, the half and the mile runs and the bicycle race the pole was drawn for and not the positions of each entry. These will be decided at the time of the race, the only restriction being that two men from the same university shall not be next to each other.

100 Yards Dash.First heat-R. N. Graff, Y.; E. J. Green, H.; E. C. Byers, Y.; J. T. Roche, Jr., H.; C. J. Gleason, Y.; D. G. Harris, H.

Second heat-C. C. Conway, Y.; A. W. Robinson, H.; Ira Richards, Jr., Y.; F. H. Bigelow, H.; F. A. Blount, Y.; L. W. Redpath, H.

120 Yards High Hurdles.First heat-J. W. Hallowell, H.; E. C. Perkins, Y.; R. R. Rumery, H.; F. T. van Beuren, Y.

Second heat-F. B. Fox, H.; J. J. Peter, Y.; S. P. Goddard, H.; W. F. P. Berger, Y.

440 Yards Dash.Yale has the pole. T. R. Fisher, Jr., Y.; C. F. Luce, Y.; W. D. Brennan, Y., or W. S. Johnson, Jr., Y.; H. H. Fish, H.; J. L. Bremer, H.; E. D. Fullerton, H.

120 Yards Hurdles. Final Heat.

100 Yards Dash. Final Heat.

One Mile Run.Harvard has the pole. D. Grant, H.; H. B. Clark, H.; E. W. Mills, H.; R. A. Garrison, H.; S. F. Rockwell, H.; F. Albertson, H.; H. Spear, Y; C. B. Spitzer, Y.; C. K. Palmer, Y.; D. F. Buckingham, Y.; E. H. Lewis, Y.; H. P. Smith, Y.

220 Yards Low Hurdles.First heat-W. G. Morse, H.; E. C. Perkins, Y.; L. Warren, H.; J. L. Fewsmith, Y.

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