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HARVARD, 56; YALE, 48.

All the Events Closely Contested.- Three Records Broken.


Harvard defeated Yale in dual track games on Holmes Field Saturday afternoon by the score of 56 points to 48. The games were the closest and most exciting that have ever been held on Holmes Field. Every race was a struggle from start to finish, and in the shorter races the judges had trouble in deciding upon the winners.

Until the starting of the broad jump and high jump, the last events, Yale was in the lead by seven points. In the broad jump Nickerson and Clarke easily outclassed the Yale jumpers; Nickerson, on his last jump, made 22 ft. 10 in., which breaks the record. Taintor, Yale's high jumper, dropped out at 5 ft. 8 in., leaving but Rice, Ellis and Morse still jumping.

Two other records in addition to that of the broad jump were broken and one equalled. Grant lowered the mile record by 5 1-5 seconds, Johnson of Yale cleared 11 ft. 3 in. in the pole vault and Robinson equalled 10 1-5s. in the shorter dash.

W. D. Hennen is the first Harvard man to win the hammer throw.

The other who men won points by second and third places all deserve credit for showing pluck and sand.

The summary of events follows:

100 Yards Dash.

First heat-Won by E. J. Green, H., time, 10 2-5s.; R. M. Graff, Y., second; D. G. Harris, H., third.

Second heat-Won by A. W. Robinson, H., time, 10 1-5s.; F. A. Blount, Y., second; run off of tie for third place between C. C. Conway, Y., and F. H. Bigelow, H., won by C. C. Conway, Y.

Final heat-Won by A. W. Robinson, H., time 10 1-5s.; F. A. Blount, Y., second; C. C. Conway, Y., third.

120 Yards Hurdles.

First heat-Won by E. C. Perkins. Y., time 16 1-5s.; J. W. Hallowell, H., second.

Second heat-Won by F. B. Fox, H., time 16 4-5s.; J. J. Peter, Y., second.

Final heat-Won by E. C. Perkins, Y., time 16 1-5s.; F. B. Fox, H., second; J. W. Hallowell, third.

220 Yards Hurdles.

First heat-Won by W. G. Morse, H., time 26 1-5s.; E. C. Perkins, Y., second.

Second heat-Won by J. W. Hallowell, H., time 26 2-5s.; J. L. Bremer, H., second.

Final heat-Won by J. L. Bremer, H., time 25 2-5s.; W. G. Morse, H., second; J. W. Hallowell, H., and E. C. Perkins, Y., third.

220 Yards Dash.

First heat-Won by E. J. Green, H., time 23 1-5s.; I. Richards, Jr., Y., second; C. J. Gleason, Y., third.

Second heat-Won by C. C. Conway, Y., time 23 1-5s.; F. H. Bigelow, H., second; F. H. Warren, Jr., Y., third.

Final heat-Won by C. J. Gleason, Y., time, 22 4-5s.; E. J. Green, H., second; F. H. Bigelow, H., third.

440 Yards Run.

Tie for first place between H. H. Fish, H., and T. R. Fisher, Jr., Y.; J. L. Bremer, H., third. Time 51s.

880 Yards Run.

Won by C. E. Ordway, Y., time 2m. 4s.; C D. Draper, H., second; S. H. Bush, H., third.

One Mile Run.

Won by D. Grant, H., time 4m. 26 1-5s.; C. B. Spitzer, Y., second; H. B. Clark, H., third.

Two Mile Bicycle Race.

First heat-Won by J. H. Wear, Y., time 15m. 15s.; W. McCutchen Y., second.

Second heat-Won by R. B. Howard, Y., time 6m. 22 3-5s.; H. P. White, H., second.

Final heat-Won by W. McCutchen, Y., time 9m. 45 25s.; J. H. Wear, Y., second; H. P. White, H., third.

Shot Put.

Won by E. E. O'Donnell, Y., distance 40 ft. 5 1-2 in.; S. G. Ellis, H., second, distance 39 ft. 6 3-4 in., S. F. Mills, H., third, distance 38 ft. 8 in.

Pole Vault.

Won by B. Johnson, Y., height 11 ft. 3 in.; R. G. Clapp, Y., second, height 11 ft.; C. T. Dudley, Y., third, height 10 ft. 3 in.

High Jump.

Won by A. N. Rice, H., height 5 ft. 11 3-8 in., S. G. Ellis, H., second, height 5 ft. 9 3-4 in; W. G. Morse, H., third, height 5 ft. 9 3-4 in.

Broad Jump.

Won by A. L. Nickerson, H., distance 22 ft. 10 in.; J. G. Clark, H., second, distance 22 ft. 1-2 in.; W. F. P. Berger, Y., third, distance 21 ft. 8 1-2 in.

Hammer Throw.

Won by W. D. Hennen, H., distance 123 ft. 10 in.; G. Cadwalader, Y., second, distance 121 ft. 7 in.; S. B. Sutphen, Y., third, distance 118 ft. 8 1-2 in.

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