English 6.

Owing to the illness of one of the principal speakers, the regular Section I debate for today is postponed for two days to Thursday, May 19, at 3.30, in Sever 11.

Section II.The postponed debate will be held today in the Fogg Lecture Room instead of in Sever 11.

"Resolved, That the Lodge Immigration Bill as it passed the Senate, Jan. 17, 1898, should become a law."

Affirmative.V. H. Smith, S. Robinson.

References: Lodge Bill 55th Congress 2nd Sess, S. 112; Lodge's Report; N. American Rev., 165, p. 393; CRIMSON, May 12, 1898.


Negative.J. M. Letterle, R. T. Parke.

References: Cong. Recd., Jan. 13, '98, p. 600; Annals American Academy, July, '97; American Mag, of Civics, July, '96; Hadley's Polit. Econ., Index on Immigration; Board of Trade Rept., 1893.