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At a recent meeting of the Yale fresh man nine H. Brown was elected captain.

Mr. Burke has announced that the drill squads would soon have rifle practice. The practice will be held in the new cage, where targets are to be placed at about 50 yards. Cartridges with reduced charges will be used.

At the 820th regular meeting of the Natural History Society Dr. C. B. Davenport was re-elected president; G. O. Clark 1900 was elected vice-president, and J. M. Hunnewell 1901 secretary and treasurer. It was voted to publish a revised catalogue of all the past and present members of the society.

At the annual meeting of the Harvard Club of New York, on Saturday, the following officers were elected: President, J. C. Carter '50, re-elected; vice-president, C. H. Russell '72; treasurer, A. G. Hodges '74, re-elected; secretary, W. Alexander '87, re-elected. The following were elected to the Board of Managers, with terms expiring in 1901: E. King '53, G. Blagden '56, A. T. French '85, L. Godkin '81 and F. Winthrop '91. J. Du Fais '77, C. O. Brewster '79, J. T. Kilbreth '94, R. D. Wrenn '95, S. V. Mann, Jr., '96, A. Borden '96 and C. N. Bliss, Jr., '97, were elected to serve three years on the Committee on Admissions.