Sale of Class Day Tickets.

Class Day tickets will be sold to Seniors on the following dates: Friday, Saturday and Monday, June 10, 11 and 13.

At the first two sales tickets will be sold in packages, one to each Senior, containing two Sanders, eight Statue and ten Memorial tickets. The price of each package will be $8.50. Yard tickets may be purchased at ten cents each at any of the sales.

At the second sale packages containing five Yard and five Memorial tickets will be sold for $3.50 each to graduating members of other departments of the University. No packages will be sold by proxy.

At the third sale to Seniors single tickets only will be sold. The prices for single tickets at that one sale will be as follows: Memorial and Statue tickets, seventy-five cents each; Sanders tickets, $1.50 each; Yard tickets, ten cents each.

A sale of tickets open to all members of the University will be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, June 15, 16 and 17 The price of tickets will be as follows: Yard tickets, twenty-five cents each; Memorial tickets, $1.50 each; Statue tickets, $1.75 each; Sanders tickets, $2.00 each.


Tickets for the Senior spread, on the evening of June 23, will be sold at the first three sales of tickets to Seniors. At these sales tickets will be sold in packages, one to each Senior as follows: Six tickets including a Senior ticket for $8.00; four tickets including a Senior ticket for $6.00. Single tickets to be used by others than Seniors will be sold at $2.00 each. Single tickets for the use of Seniors themselves will be sold for$1.00.

Each package of six and four tickets will entitle the purchaser to a reserved table in the Delta of six and four seats respectively.