Freshmen vs. Andover.

This afternoon at 2 p. m. the Freshman nine will play Andover on the 'Varsity diamond. Judging by the good showing made by the visiting team against the 'Varsity, the game should be an interesting one. The probable batting order of the teams will be:

Freshmen. Andover.

Putnam, 2b. 2b., Quinby.

Milne, c. 3b., Jones.

Clark, 3b. c., Waddell.


Bertholf, r. f. p., Stephenson.

Jaynes, c. f. 1b., Chapman.

Finke, s. s. s. s., Matthews.

Cropley, l. f. r. f., Corse.

Kendall, 1b. l. f., Barnwell.

Macdonald, p. c. f., Ward.