A Close Game Expected.- Morse will Pitch for Harvard.

This afternoon Harvard plays the first of its series of games with Pennsylvania at Philadelphia. For the first time in a number of years, Pennsylvania has developed a nine this season which will probably take a place of the first rank in college baseball. Last year Harvard had no difficulty in winning both of its games, but the Pennsylvania nine has been considerably strengthened this spring by the development of Dickson and Brown as pitchers and the general improvement in both fielding and batting form. Within a week they have defeated both Cornell and Brown in remarkably close and well played games.

The game today will test the advisability of making the recent change in the make-up of the Harvard nine. Robinson will again be played at third, and with this one possible exception there is little fear of another unsettlement of the infield such as was seen in the Princeton game.

As a matter of comparison it is interesting to note that Dickson and Brown, Pennsylvania's two pitchers, allowed but six hits in all, in the two games played with Cornell and Brown.

The batting orders this afternoon will be:

Harvard, Pennsylvania.


Laughlin, s. s. c. f., Huston.

Rand, l. f. r. f., Frazier.

Burgess, c. f. s. s., Wilhelm.

Haughton, 2b. 2b., Jackson.

McCornick, r. f. c., Gillinder.

Reid, c. 3b., Robinson.

Robinson, 3b. 1b., Cheyney.

Foster, 1b. l. f., Thomson.

Morse, p. p., Dickson or Brown.