Special Notice.

ELIZABETH M. COTTER offers the use of her home and grounds at 10 Oxford St., for Class Day. They are suitable for a club or a private spread and are very convenient to the Yard. Next door to Foxcroft. 74 6

A perfectly new Washburn banjo for sale very cheap. This is a great bargain and anyone wishing to secure such an instrument would do well to call at Briggs and Briggs Music Store.

Among the melodies which are sure to be best applauded by the Harvard men next Tuesday evening, Harvard Night at "The Chorus Girl" performance, Boston Museum, is a march taken from the Pi Eta play, "Fool's Gold," which will be sung with splendid swing by the chorus. Other melodies which will cause the waving of college colors will doubtless be the patriotic song, "Yankee Dewey went to Sea Upon a Cruiser," a parody on "Yankee Doodle;" a pretty child ballad based on "Jack and Jill," and a ditty concerning a theatre cat. This latter is perhaps the funniest ditty of all. It is sung by Lawrence Kearney, who tells how, by applying hair restorer to the fur of the feline, it eventually became a muff, worn by one of the "400" down Broadway. A special rate is accorded for Harvard Night on presentation of the Harvard Co-operative card at Thurston's.

TUTORING.- Semitic 6, 12, Latin 10, History 1, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, Government 1, 7, English 8, 15, Fine Arts 3, Philosophy 5.

WILLIAM W. NOLEN, 2 Manter Hall.76 6


CAMBRIDGE SAFE DEPOSIT AND TRUST Co.- No. 1300 Mass. avenue. Excellent facilities for the storage of silver and valuables. Boxes to rent, $10 per year. Deposits received subject to check and collections made in all parts of the U. S. t

RATTLE says that the Rule of the R. R. G. that no one shall dive from the windows or upper platforms, is a good one. The continual fear that some one would drop on him from above used to remind him of his trip through Africa with Stanley.

YOUR camera expenses will be small if you let E. W. Lundahl, 58 Winter street, Boston, develop your bull's-eye film for 20 cents per roll and print it for 50 cents. Established 1884. Take elevator. Paste this in your camera.