Intersholastic Tennis.

The annual Harvard interscholastic tennis championship will begin this morning on Jarvis Field at nine o'clock. All contestants should report at the Carey Building on Holmes Field before that time. The matches will be best two in three sets up to the finals, when three out of five will be played. In case of rain the tournament will begin on the next pleasant Saturday.

Four prizes will be awarded. A silver cup to the winner of the tournament, a racket to the runner up, and prizes to the two men beaten in the semi-finals.

The semi-finals will be played on Monday morning, and the finals will be played Monday afternoon.

The entries and drawings are as follows:

Preliminary Round.


H. Locke, C. H. and L. S. vs. G. H. Hull, R. L. S.

H. Reed, H. S. vs. C. Seaver, C. H. and L. S.

R. H. Thorndike vs. R. A. Pope, Newburyport H. S.

H. B. Hollings, N. H. S. vs. H. Mason, N. and G.

R. E. Foster, H. vs. T. B. Plimpton, N. H. S.

E. George, R. L. S. vs. A. Hawes, H.

C. R. Metcalf, C. H. and L. S. vs. A. Lawson, H.

C. Vose, R. L. S. vs, S. P. Ware, H.

C. G. Plimpton, N. H. S. vs. J. Wright, H.

First Round.