To appear in this column, notices must be left at the office before 9 p. m.

FRESHMAN BASEBALL.- The following men report on Soldiers Field this afternoon at 2.30 sharp to usher at the Brown game: Blythe, Horstmann, Dudley, Russell, Fairchild and Moore.

COLD HANDS.- Be on Norton's at 2.45.

RECONCENTRADOS.- Report at Norton's Field this afternoon at 2.45 sharp: Flandrau, Parker, Holland, Clough, Mason, Vincent, Holiday, Whitbeck, Grey.

'99 COMPANY.- Drill at 10 o'clock sharp. A full company is needed, for purposes of organization.

PIERIAN SODALITY.- Concert tonight at University Club, 270 Beacon street, between Exeter and Dartmouth streets. Be there by 7.45 p. m.


CRICKET TEAM.- The following men be at Leavitt's at 9.50 to go to Brockton: Carleton, Morgan, Ward, Drinkwater, Gray, Hastings, Edwards, Wilder, Dove, Towner, Horstmann, Harrington, Lansdale.

WELD CREWS:- Senior row at 2.15. Intermediate at 3.00. Junior and 2nd Junior at 3.30.